First, I’d like to welcome you to my blog. My goal is to educate the reader on the electrical trade.  In time, I will share everything I have learned in my 25-year journey as an electrician.  I hope to educate you, the reader, on what goes on behind the scenes in the electrical contractor and service world.  

Farrell Family Legacy

The Farrell’s story, and my story, begins in 1930 in Austin, TX. 

In just five generations of Farrell’s, we produced seven electrical contractors. Jimmie “Pop Farrell” had a son named Jimmie “Daddy Pop” Farrell, who had two sons, Chuck “Pop” Farrell and Joe Farrell. Chuck had my father, Kevin “Poppy” Farrell. Joe had my cousin Jimmie Joe Farrell. Electrical construction was a popular topic of conversation during the holidays.

Raised In The Trade

I take great pride in coming from a long line of trustworthy electricians and devoted fathers.  The Farrell name is synonymous with the electrical trade in central Texas.  I started working for my father,  Kevin, at his company, which he named Farrell Electric Service, when I was 8.  He split the cost of my first electrician’s hand tools, and I had to work off the other half.  From that moment until I graduated from Dripping Springs High School in 2004, I worked daily with him, installing electrical systems in homes and running “service calls” while on summer break.  At this point in my life, I had no desire to become an electrician and did not understand the value of the skill I learned while working for him. 

Training & Education

After graduation, I tried college and quickly realized it was not for me.  I returned to Austin and got a job in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 520.  Not long after joining the union, I was enrolled in their Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (JATC)  and began a long 5-year road of electrical school.  Classes were two nights a week, 4 hours per night.  The first contractor I worked for was Kanetzky Electric, now known as Big State Electric.  I was with Kanetzky for two years. After I left Kanetzky, I began working for T. Morales Instrumentation and Controls.  At T. Morales (T. Mo), I spent 6.5 years installing highly complex electrical systems for water/wastewater treatment plants.

Starting A New Chapter

 While at T. Morales, I had the opportunity to learn from the most brilliant minds in the electrical trade.  Not only were these men intelligent, they were hard-working, tough, comical, great coaches, best friends, fishing buddies, and at times a genuine pain in the ass to work with.  We were brothers.  This group of men is what shaped me into the electrician I am today, and I am eternally grateful for every one of them.  In late 2013, I left T. Morales to work for IDI Electric.  I worked at IDI for approximately three months before I decided to return to my roots working for my father.  I did not realize it then, but this would be the most valuable six months I ever spent with my father.  The two of us could work circles around any two-person crew.  For those of you who had the opportunity to know both my father and me, you know I’m not exaggerating.   While working for him, I studied for my master’s electrical exam, which I passed with flying colors.  Then, I began the process of starting my business.  Even though I am only 38 years of age at the time of writing this, I have 25 years of residential, commercial, and industrial experience. 

As your electrician, I bring you unparalleled value and professionalism with a passion to serve at the highest level.  I promise to all my clients to show up and provide transparent pricing and a clear plan to tackle any project before me.