We all depend on our home electrical system daily for everything from lighting and refrigeration to computer networks and air conditioning. It is easy to take our reliable electricity for granted, until something stops working. At some point, we will all have an electrical problem in our home. It is critical to know how to respond safely and when to call in a professional electrician? Hiring a licensed, bonded and insured electrician will ensure that your repairs are done safely and according to current electrical code regulations in your city. These are 5 of the most common home electrical problems. It is important to know what you can fix yourself and when you need to hire a professional electrician to handle the repairs.

1. Flickering Lights
Flickering lights may be caused by downed lines or other problems outside your home. But if your lights flicker, after you’ve changed the light bulbs, the problem may be a bad wiring connection or a faulty fixture. A professional electrician can diagnose problems with wiring, outlets and fixtures requires, and repair them safely.

2. Circuit Breaker Trips When An Appliance Is Turned On
When a circuit breaker trips, it is either overloaded or it needs to be replaced. Having a power strip with too many electrical devices plugged into an outlet is a common reason a circuit breaker will trip. Also, circuit breaker panels in many older homes are not be designed to handle the load required by the increasing number high-wattage appliances and computer equipment used in homes today. A damaged circuit breaker is not only inconvenient, it is a fire hazard. If a breaker continues to trip after you have checked for obvious causes, call a professional electrician.

3. Electrical Outlet Gets Warm When an Appliance is Plugged In
Old or damage wiring and receptacles can cause serious damage to your home including causing a fire. It is difficult to find problems with your electrical system behind the walls. A warm receptacle needs immediate attention. Unplug any appliances or equipment, the check the outlet for burn marks and odors. A trained electrician can determine if the issue is with the outlet or wiring in your home. An electrician has the knowledge and equipment to find and fix the problem before it causes serious damage.

4. Electrical Bill Is Increasing
If electricity rates have not recently increased in your city, it is time to look at the your home’s electrical system and improve efficiency. Old, inefficient furnaces and air conditioners, or poor insulation may be causing your electric bill to increase. A professional electrician can inspect your home and electricity usage, then recommend upgrades and replacements that will help reduce your electricity bill. A residential electrical inspection will show how some small improvements can lower your bills. For major expenses, like energy efficient appliances, your electrician can tell you if there are rebates or government programs available to lower the cost.

5. GFCI Receptacle Will Not Reset
A GFCI receptacle, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is a special outlet that shuts off the electric power circuit when it detects a problem. GCFIs are installed in areas of your home where water is present, like kitchens and bathrooms. These outlets are required by national building codes and help to reduce dangerous conditions in your home. If you can’t reset the GFCI receptacle after it trips (by pressing the red button) then hire an electrician to inspect the area and replace the outlet.

The licensed, bonded and insured professional electricians at Cory Farrell Electric are highly qualified to troubleshoot your home and business electrical concerns. Our electricians are well trained and supervised by Cory Farrel,a Master Electrician with many years of experience solving residential and commercial electrical problems. Don’t risk the safety of your family, home or business by trying to repair or replace electrical outlets, wiring or circuit breakers yourself.